Landfills: Energy from waste material

When recycling is no longer economically viable, waste is finally disposed of in landfills. As landfills are still filled with organic waste material, this creates large amounts of landfill gas, which can be used to generate energy. Since landfills rarely have their own heating requirements, CHP solutions are not that appealing. However, the processing of landfill gas to make biomethane is an economical and sustainable alternative.

Landfill gas has a very high N2 content, which limits the options for it to be utilised directly. In addition, the landfill is also filled with various materials over the years, which means gas production is subject to major fluctuations in terms of volume and quality. Filling rhythms and waste properties have a particular impact on this. This is why there are specific pre-treatment requirements for combined power and heating as well as for generating biomethane.

The processing to make biomethane is only possible using the PSA method. With the aid of smart cycle technology, unwanted gas components can be separated efficiently and flexibly in order to generate high-purity product gas.

“Consistent high-purity gas – under all conditions.”