ETW service: always on the safe side

With regular maintenance by our highly qualified staff, we can guarantee maximum availability of your system. If a fault does occur, our own spare parts warehouse and our emergency service unit ensure minimum downtimes.

Remote monitoring symbol

Maintenance and remote monitoring

As a systems manufacturer, we maintain the entire system. In addition to the CHP module and the biomethane plant, we also take care of system accessories such as flares, compressors, gas cooling / gas drying, gas cleaning, gas analysis and the gas warning system. In addition to commissioning and regular maintenance, we carry out all the overhauling work including major overhauls with our own staff. Highly qualified and experienced specialists work in line with defined intervals that are coordinated to suit your needs. We have developed customised engine maintenance schedules that go far beyond the manufacturers’ specifications. The standard issue with any ETW plant is a remote maintenance system. It allows you and our service team external access to all the important control parameters and quick diagnosis.

Our service increases your efficiency. You can rely on that.

Emergency service unit symbol

Incident management and emergency service unit

The ETW emergency service unit is available to you by phone and in person seven days a week. Even at weekends you have access to the main warehouse in Moers. If a fault should occur, a quick solution is needed for your system. Which is why we equip our service staff with high-performance special tools for analysis and repair. All our vehicles have the necessary analytical and repair tools such as video endoscopes, exhaust measuring devices and an extensive range of spare parts. At ETW you have a direct line to the service technician – as well as access to the system data including its history. Because we document all incidents and damage. We keep an eye on the guarantee and warranty periods for you.

Short response times, superior technical expertise and the ability to solve problems are our guarantee for a rapid restart for your business.

Spare parts symbol

Original parts in stock

At our central warehouse in Moers we keep over 150,000 spare parts available for you at all times. This means our service technicians are able to remedy any fault quickly. In addition to wear and tear parts and consumables, we have access to replacement engines and complete peripheral components. With our order service, you can have special parts delivered quickly to your site by courier using a proven process chain. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether we supply you with gas compressors, turbochargers, pumps, compressors or just a new washer – they are always original parts.

Quality is our commitment here too.

Service network symbol

Comprehensive service network

Maintenance, repair or troubleshooting – we are available to assist you with our skills nationwide. Our consolidated network of service points ensures our speed of response is very high. We have a strong presence in our market for good reason – the bottom line for you is lower costs by minimising downtimes and the longevity of your system.

Service locations: Moers (headquarters),  Perleberg, Hanover, Eschwege, Erfurt, Potsdam

Warehouse locations: Moers (main warehouse), Perleberg

Efficiency has always been one of the best reasons to work with us.