ETW future technology: combined heat and power plants, biomethane plants, power packs

Reliable, efficient, flexible

Compact and standalone energy solutions

We are manufacturers of combined heat and power plants and biomethane systems for biogas plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills and other applications. Our goal is to maximise the cost-effectiveness and availability of your system. ETW is your capable partner from engineering to plant construction and service.

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Expertise in private hands

We have been developing and producing energy systems at our Moers location since 1997. Today, we are one of the most productive players in the market for standalone energy supply solutions. We offer our customers all the options for environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy generation.

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Combined heat and power plants

Flexible: container, compact or built-in modules

Biomethane plants

Reliability and cost-effectiveness


ETW service: 100 percent availability