CO2 liquefaction

With an increasing demand for CO2, especially from sustainable sources, to generate the corresponding CO2 quotas, ETW Energietechnik has added a new technology to its portfolio. ETW‘s SmartCool® LCO2 plant can be perfectly integrated into the ETW SmartCycle® biomethane plant so that the full value of biogas can be accessed.

ETW‘s biomethane plants upgrade biogas to natural gas quality by separating CH4 from CO2. The CH4 can be injected into the natural gas grid and made available in the fuel market. Since the upgrading technology developed by ETW also generates CO2 with a very high degree of purity, it was a logical step to develop a technology that transforms an otherwise rejected emission into a value-added product.

The result is a high-quality biomethane as a direct substitute for fossil natural gas as well as a liquid bio-CO2 in a food grade quality standard. In combination, ETW‘s plant can thus be operated emission-free and with full CH4 recover. The result is a major contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions accounted to the fuel and energy sector.

Important advantages at a glance:

  • 100% methane recovery
  • 100% CO2 recovery
  • Lowest energy consumption: 0.30 kWh/Nm³
  • High CO2 product purity according to EIGA standard up to 99.9% CO2
  • Fully integrated CH4 and LCO2 system without unnecessary interfaces for the operator.