Biomethane plants with ETW SmartCycle® technology: efficient and flexible energy generation

Biomethane plants with ETW SmartCycle technology set the benchmarks in terms of energy requirements, product purity and running costs. The ETW SmartCycle process adapts fully automatically to variable amounts and compositions of raw gas, so that a gas product is always generated with a constant calorific value. Conditioning before feeding into the natural gas grid is not required.

The feeding in of biomethane is a key factor in the energy transition and the basis for attractive business models – if the gas quality is right. Our plants guarantee this even in the case of fluctuating raw gas quality or contaminants in the raw biogas.

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Flexible plant management

With ETW SmartCycle technology, raw gas quantities can be processed flexibly and without any loss of gas quality. As such, the amount of raw gas can be reduced to up to 30% of the originally intended amount.

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Superior energy efficiency

Due to the SmartCycle operating principle and the low pressure levels during gas separation, ETW processing plants work very energy-efficiently with low electricity consumption. The total energy required including raw gas conditioning is 0.14kWh/Nm³ of raw gas.

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Low maintenance

ETW SmartCycle technology enables smooth plant operation. The molecular sieves used for carbon separation have an almost unlimited service life as they are regenerated. Construction of the systems is well structured and easy to maintain.

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Environmentally friendly

ETW SmartCycle technology works entirely mechanically so no chemicals or water are required. This means quantities of waste are avoided that may constitute an unpredictable cost factor.

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Compact design

Our processing plants are characterised by their flexible operation and design. They are pre-assembled in ISO standard containers so they can be set up promptly and to save space. This approach reduces the logistics effort involved and makes it easier to convert existing agricultural systems.

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Maximum quality

All ETW systems are made in Germany, ISO-certified and tested in accordance with current standards. They meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our reference systems have been running error-free for years and consistently provide the same quality.

How ETW SmartCycle technology works

ETW uses the pressure swing adsorption process to separate gas mixtures. As such, CO2 or other disruptive elements are separated out in the treatment system.

The system has several columns that are filled with adsorbents. Each column goes through a cyclical sequence of pressure levels and generates highly pure and dry biomethane. The column cycles are timed in such a way that a continuous flow of gas is guaranteed.

After each adsorption phase, the adsorbent is regenerated and the CO2-rich off-gas is separated. Based on this principle, product gas purities of up to 99% methane content can be achieved.

Combined heat and power plants (CHP): efficient and flexible energy generation

Our CHPs based on gas engines generate electrical and thermal energy (combined heat and power / CHP) at the same time. The overall efficiency level is up to 96% of the fuel used. The planning, construction and commissioning of CHPs require experience, interdisciplinary thinking and the right technology partner.

The planning, construction and commissioning of CHPs require experience, interdisciplinary thinking and the right technology partner. As a general contractor, we implement major projects with additional services such as structural and civil engineering / construction of machine halls, medium-voltage switch gear, transformer stations, boiler systems, chimney systems, steel construction and other customer-specific requirements. We are OEM partners of the gas engine makes produced in Germany by MWM/Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and MTU/Rolls-Royce Solutions Augsburg GmbH and provide our customers with CHP modules in the electrical power range of 400 kW – 4,500 kW.

The energy mix of the 21st century has a high proportion of fluctuating wind and solar power. The flexible and controllable electricity and heat generation from combined heat and power plants (CHPs) is therefore an important and worthwhile addition. We provide the necessary system engineering as well as the system construction.

OEM partners of

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Highly available, low emissions, economical

We solve complex tasks at sensitive locations with efficient solutions, such as innovative approaches to heating in the field of steam generation, hot water generation, thermal oil heat use and absorption cooling systems. In all this, compliance with the lowest possible noise emission values is a priority for us. We implement new requirements for system engineering such as exhaust emission in accordance with the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), with the highest possible system availability, and including an SCR catalyst technology we have developed with integrated Noxx monitoring in the SCR control.

The efficient structure, ease of use and low maintenance of our CHP plants and an extensive service portfolio guarantee the greatest possible availability – the requirement for the economic success of the entire project.