Bio-CO2 and performance improvement certificates

The trade in CO2 certificates is developing by leaps and bounds around the world. This is resulting in some attractive models for the operators of biogas plants. Recycling or final storage of CO2 separated from biogas can significantly improve the CO2 balance.

Separated CO2 can be processed based on CCU (carbon capture utilisation) and marketed as a new product. It is suitable for a great many applications in industry, including mineralisation, beverage and urea production.

In power-to-gas plants it is possible to generate biomethane by synthesis from the separated CO2 and hydrogen. The hydrogen can in turn be generated via electrolysis with the aid of surplus electricity from wind or solar energy. This creates synergies with the volatile feed-in renewable energy sources.

Alternatively, CO2 can also be stored underground in large quantities directly using the CCS method (carbon capture and storage).

All these measures enable the energy fuel sector to operate with a negative CO2 footprint. The biomethane plants at ETW provide this usable CO2 as a by-product and in the course of its further use, it can make an even greater contribution to successful, climate-friendly energy consumption.

“Improve your energy efficiency, C02 balance and competitiveness.”