CHP Units – the accessories.

We supply high-class accessories for all types of plant.

Gas compressor station

50 – 3000 Nm³/h: integrated into the standard module or as a separate compressor station, e.g. in a container.

Gas flare station

50 – 3000 Nm³/h: on the container roof of the CHP unit or as a stand alone solution.

Gas purification

Activated carbon, H2S and Si-separation, i.e. contaminated gases are reconditioned for operation of the CHP Unit.

Gas cooling

Longer operating times e.g. for your cylinder heads – as a separate station or integrated into the container module.

Lubrication store

For a fast oil change and low-cost options for oil purchase.

Heating connections

Heat distributors, hydraulic points, heat circulation pumps: we convey the heat to the place where it is needed.