ETW Biomethan-Anlagen
Unabhängig. Wirtschaftlich. Regenerativ.

Our declaration of independence.

Since 2011 we are  constantly improving the efficiency of our PSA biogas upgrading system. As a result our technology sets the benchmark for energy consumption, gas purity and operating costs.

The ETW SmartCycle® process automatically adjusts itself to varying gas volume flows and qualities, granting a constant product gas purity, with constant heating value for grid injection or other applications.

ETW Biomethane plants comprise:

  • A broad purification capacity range that goes from 200 to 10.000 Nm³/h
  • CH4 concentration in the product gas can be set from 95 - 99%
  • Lowest energy consumption of < 0.14 kWh/Nm³ including pre-conditioning
  • Plant availability of > 99%
  • Suitable for upgrading gas from waste, land-fills and WWT plants.